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Leather seat, headlining and headlight polishing

On older cars a common problem is that the plastic on front headlights oxidises, resulting in MOT failure.

I intend to talk about another problem – deep scratches on front headlights on new cars, for instance after an accident. If the headlight has scratches but the plastic is not broken we can rescue it for you.

Scratch-damaged headlights require multistage sanding, and it is usually necessary to use every grade of sanding paper from P320 to P3000. Unfortunately the sanding processes damage the protective coating which is on the surface of the lamp, and for that reason a special primer and lacquer are required at the end of the process. On the pictures you can see the headlight from a 2017 Corsa, costing about £300, but we need to remember that a headlight for a modern Audi could cost £2000.00 or more.

I believe when we save one headlight we also save one little bit of the environment.